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Krasiva Windows and Doors has served as a custom casement windows company in Phoenix, AZ, for over 20 years. We’ve established a name for ourselves by always putting our clients first and providing premier personalized windows and doors services. Casement windows are very sensitive compared to sliding windows or single hung windows. They require very special adjustments to operate correctly. Our time spent handling casement windows gives us the confidence to take on any job, no matter how big or small.

All About Casement Windows in Scottsdale & Surrounding Cities

Casement windows are windows that open like a door on hinges. These windows always open out. Some people call them crank windows because the way to open them is by turning the crank handle.

Casement windows differ from other configurations in that each casement window frame can only have one piece of glass in it. When you see a casement window with two pieces of glass, there are two separate window frames mulled together to make that window. This usually makes them much more expensive than single slider windows. They both have two pieces of glass in this example but the two sashes in the single slider are in the same frame, so one sash can slide over the other. The two sashes in the double casement are in a separate frame and don’t interact with each other.

Our casement windows are more tightly sealed and more energy-efficient than any single-hung or sliding window because they close more like a refrigerator than a sliding door. They are also better for venting fully and opening up views; they look more like fixed picture windows. Casement pictures are non-operable casement windows.

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Benefits of Casement Windows in Glendale and the rest of the valley

There are a number of benefits that come with installing casement windows in your home, including:

  • Great views: These windows feature no muntins which can give you a clearer, larger view of outside.
  • Superior ventilation: Casement windows offer a large opening for ventilation, and they can catch side breezes because their open sash acts as a flap to funnel air into your living space.
  • Security: These windows feature locks embedded in their frames, which gives your home added security.
  • Various design options: Casement windows come in a variety of designs, so you won’t have to worry about finding a style that matches with your home.
  • Our Casement Windows are available in both Dual Pane and Triple Pane.

Sliding Windows Vs. Casement Windows: Which Is Better?

Aside from casement windows, we also take care of sliding window installation here in Phoenix, AZ. Our knowledgeable team can help you decide which kind of window is best for you.

You may consider many factors such as shape, size, energy efficiency, and air flow when choosing between sliding windows and casement windows.

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Casement Windows Options Anywhere in Metro Phoenix

You have options to personalize the design of your casement windows. You can choose the traditional crank-operated casement windows or go with push-out windows. Some property owners select French casement windows since they have two panes that open from the center (similar to the function of French doors). One benefit from a French casement window installation is they lock into each other and do not have a bar in the middle; which means nothing obstructs your view when looking out of the window.

Most casement windows push out of your home or business, but we can offer a casement window replacement that pulls in if needed. Feel free to ask us about our European tilt and turn windows for more information!

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Casement windows make beautiful additions to your home, but they can only reach their full potential if they’re installed by a team of experts. At Krasiva Windows & Doors, we’ve installed thousands of windows and doors for homeowners throughout Arizona since 1997. For expert window installation, choose our team.

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