About Our Double-Hung Windows In Phoenix and Surrounding Cities

Over the last few years, double-hung windows in Arizona have become one of the most popular window styles. Replacing outdated windows is a great way to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home and save on energy costs.

For new home constructions, it’s essential to choose a window style that will complement the interior and exterior of your home.

Unlike other window companies in Phoenix installing off-the-shelf products, we at Krasiva Windows and Doors custom design our own double-hung windows according to your specifications.

Double-Hung Windows Explained

Double-hung windows are great, energy-efficient options for your home and should be installed by a team of professionals almost as well sealed and energy efficient as a single hung window.

These windows have a top sash that slides down and a bottom sash that slides up. For the top and bottom sashes to operate effectively, the center meeting cannot be fixed.

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Benefits of Double-Hung Windows in Phoenix Metropolitan Area

There are a number of advantages that come with choosing double-hung windows for your home.

  • They are ideal second-story windows: Cleaning the outside of windows on a second story can be difficult. All of the glass in a double-hung window can be removed and cleaned inside of the home without the use of a ladder because these windows have tilt-out upper and lower sashes. For all other applications, we suggest using a single-hung window instead. They are more energy efficient, secure, require less maintenance, and are simply a better designed configuration of window.
  • They are versatile: These windows are compatible with most homes and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Best Double–Hung Windows Company in Mesa and Surrounding Areas

Double-hung windows is a traditional option that seamlessly blends with any home style, designed with sashes that tilt out, making it easy to clean the window’s interior and exterior portions. They are safe to use; they don’t project outwards, which eliminates potential risks when cleaning or walking beneath them. They also have a state-of-the-art lock to prevent intruders from breaking in.

We use high-efficiency glass and premium quality materials to construct our double-hung windows. You can also experience maximum airflow when the top and bottom of double-hung windows are both open. The top opening draws hot air from the ceiling out while the bottom blows in cool air from outside.

Replacing Casement Windows with Double-Hung Windows in Chandler and the rest of the valley

Old casement windows can be slightly more complicated to remove compared to other window styles. This is because casement windows feature crank hardware. However, once they are removed from the frame, installing your new double-hung windows will be simple. Hiring a double-hung windows replacement contractor can ensure a quality installation.

Replacing your old casement windows for double-hung windows can boost energy savings and increase your property’s value. Take a step to a more energy-efficient home by contacting the best double-hung windows replacement company in Chandler, Arizona – Krasiva Windows and Doors!

Phoenix Metro Area Trusted Double-Hung Windows Company

Double-hung windows are a beautiful addition to your home. When it comes to double-hung window installations, Krasiva Windows and Doors offers quality windows at competitive prices. If your window sills and frames are still in optimal condition, you can save even more money on your window replacement project.

Not all double-hung windows companies offer quality service and expert-level installations. Phoenix homeowners trust us not only because of the years of our experience but also the high-quality windows that we have successfully installed on thousands of homes in Arizona. We also offer bay windows and bow windows to suit every homeowners needs in Arizona.

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When you’re installing new windows in your home, you want to partner with a team of highly trained professionals to make sure the jobs gets done correctly. Here at Krasiva Windows & Doors, we’ve installed thousands of windows and doors for families throughout Arizona since 1997. You can trust our team of experts to install your beautiful new windows efficiently.

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