Krasiva Windows and Doors Company

Greg Strickland – Owner

I started in this industry back in Texas. The year was 1984 and I was a very young man. I worked for companies in Texas, then moved to Arizona and worked for several other companies in this industry. The experiences with these companies in multiple states allowed me to become proficient in all the various positions within these companies. 

Over the years, I came to the realization that the owners of these companies all had only one motive in common – to make as much money as they could. Everything else was unimportant to them. This was done by giving their personnel as little as they possibly could, and by finding products that they could purchase for the least amount of money, period. There really was no personal pride in what they did for a living or in the company that they grew. 

I didn’t think they treated the employees well, I didn’t think they provided great service, and I know they did not provide the best products for their customers. The customers hired them for their knowledge to help them make the right decisions but they were not given the best options to choose from. I was determined the only way I could do what was right was to do it on my own. 

I am thrilled every day to go to work in this company – a company that cares about the well-being of its employees. I only allow the company to sell truly unique products designed to really make people’s lives better. I actually believe every new customer of ours is a customer saved from an uncaring company. It does cost more to do business this way, believe me, but I know it is worth it when I see my employees’ lives improve and our customers glow.

I strive everyday to try to make all of these things improve and work better for everyone. Running this company is the only way that I can ensure that happens. It is my work, my hobby, and I love it. Outside of work, I really enjoy cooking, and I love doing just about anything and everything with my family.

Derrick Smith – General Manager

I joined the Krasiva Windows & Doors team back in 2012, and every day I am so grateful to be here!

I was very inexperienced at the time, (19 years old and coming from a restaurant waiting on tables, which I loved!) but Greg wholeheartedly believed in my ability and he inspired me to make a change. He devoted his time and energy to teach me just about everything I know – not just in the business, but in life in general.

The experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years here has been invaluable to me, and being a part of this incredible company has been the one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.

After work, I enjoy making improvements to my house and yard, camping, grilling, playing with my dog, and spending time with my better-half preparing for our new addition – a bundle of joy due September 2021.


Cindy – Scheduling/dispatching (Started at Krasiva in 2014)

Dana – Scheduling/dispatching (Started at Krasiva in 1997)

Dick – Service/project management (Started at Krasiva in 2008)

Stephanie – Administrative/customer service (Started at Krasiva in 2015)

Tanner – HR/Customer Service (Started in Krasiva in 2020)



Joe – Superintendent of Installation (Started with Krasiva in 2008)



Kurt B

Kurt T










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