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Sliding patio doors operate by utilizing a track situated along the bottom of the doors. With this door type, the active sliding door panel is meant to open, sliding past the other panel, which is fixed and remains stationary. They are typically two large panes of double-pane or triple-pane glass set into a frame, allowing for an almost- completely unobstructed view, with lots of natural light entering your home.

Sliding doors, often referred to as arcadia doors or gliding doors, can come in different styles, including:

  • A two-wide panel (standard).
  • A three-wide panel.
  • A four-wide panel, where two center panels open to create a wide opening in the center.
  • An Ambassador Black multi-sliding door with as many as 6 door panels in one opening that can fill a 24-foot-wide opening.
  • French style – They have large frames, which will decrease the viewing area of the glass; however, some homeowners prefer the look and style of French sliding doors. This style is available in vinyl and aluminum- clad wood.
  • Contemporary – This style offers a sleek and narrow frame, enhancing the viewing area and giving a much more open and inviting feeling in the room. They are available in many different materials, including high-quality aluminum, thermally broken aluminum, and aluminum-clad wood. Depending on the material you choose, the handle style can also be flush with the door sash. We offer many different frame colors (including black and bronze).

Features of Sliding Patio Doors

To maintain energy efficiency and security, sliding patio doors frequently incorporate additional features to make them as effective as possible. These include low-emissivity coatings, which reflect UV rays and minimize heat gain, and high-quality sealing techniques to avoid air infiltration. To address security, our Krasiva “Malibu” and “Desert Mountain” sliding patio doors use complex 2-point locking mechanisms and they are steel reinforced. They are available in both dual pane and triple pane and we can even offer impact glass as an option for the ultimate in home security. Click here to see the video demonstration.

Krasiva “Malibu” and “Desert Mountain” sliding patio doors feature heavy extruded steel sub-structure, vinyl construction, and low- maintenance beauty. Krasiva “Malibu” and “Desert Mountain” sliding doors operate smoothly because each door panel rolls on 8 stainless steel rollers. They easily slide open from one side to direct fresh air and light into any room. Plus, their streamlined appearance complements both traditional home designs as well as modern architectural styles.

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We also offer thermally broken, anodized bronze, contemporary aluminum sliding doors, as well as aluminum-clad, wood contemporary and classical sliding doors. The classical sliding doors are a must if you desire the warm look of wood interiors, while having the protection from the elements on the exterior.

Sliding patio doors, or gliding patio doors, are an excellent addition when homeowners are looking for patio or deck access and a clear view of the outdoors. With a variety of frame material options, there is likely a patio door suitable for any style or preference, and patio doors come in highly customizable sizes, making it easy to fit them to your needs.

The Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Sliding patio doors offer numerous advantages over other popular patio door options. The major benefits include:

  • Top-notch natural light – The narrow frames of the sliding patio door add that “contemporary look” to any room. No other entry door option provides as much natural light. With a nearly completely unobstructed pane, your patio doors are essentially highly functional windows that give a great view of your landscape and allow easy access to the exterior.
  • Excellent efficiency – Sliding patio doors use cutting-edge technology obtained through rigorous testing and research that makes them substantially more efficient than they’ve ever been before. Older single-pane sliding doors can be the biggest loss of energy through your home. New dual pane or triple pane sliding doors will considerably help to manage the heat transference and keep your home comfortable all year round.
  • Easy operation and homeowner care – Sliding patio doors open cleanly and easily, and they don’t open outward like a normal door type. This means they do not obstruct or limit space whatsoever. Some sliding doors feature two sets of quad-rollers which gives the active door panel a total of eight rolling wheels, allowing for an even smoother and hassle-free operation.
  • Superior visual appeal – Sliding patio doors are minimalist and smart-looking, letting them blend very well into contemporary or modern home design.
  • Design diversity – Sliding patio door frames are available in many material types, including aluminum, clad-wood, and vinyl, and many different color options.
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Best Doggy Door Solutions for Sliding Patio Doors – Don’t Settle For Inserts!

Dogs sure do love the outdoors – whether it’s to chase squirrels, to bark at the neighbors, or simply to do their business! It can get tiresome having to open the door to let them in and out all the time (not to mention, bad for the utility bill!), so that’s when people consider adding a doggy door to their home. The first thing that usually comes to mind is a “Doggy Door Insert” for their sliding door. These doggy door inserts fit inside an existing sliding door and are found at most of the big box home improvement stores. While cost effective, and less intrusive and permanent than cutting a hole in your wall, these doggy door inserts certainly do come with quite a few drawbacks;

Limitations of Doggy Door Inserts:

  • REDUCED WIDTH. Doggy door inserts reduce the opening width of sliding doors. The insert sits inside your existing sliding door, which means you lose opening space equal to how wide the insert is. The bigger the dog you have, the smaller the opening area to walk in and out the home will be! This can also cause a hinderance in moving furniture in and out through your sliding door.
  • NOT SECURE. With a doggy door insert, a sliding door is no longer as secure as it should be. The only location to install the insert is the side where the door closes and locks. That means you now have to relocate the lock “keeper” (the part the lock throws into to secure) from the side jamb of the sliding door (where it was meant to be) to the side of the doggy door insert. The doggy door insert is not originally part of the sliding door – it’s an addition – so is not as secure as the side jamb because it was not manufactured to be a part of the door.
Krasiva Malibu Sliding Door with Doggy Door in the Glass
  • ENERGY LOSS. The active door is always partly open with a doggy door insert. Now that the active door locks into the insert instead of the sliding door’s jamb, the active door can never be fully closed because it stops when it hits the insert. This causes the door to be less energy efficient than before because the active door is not truly sealed as it was manufactured to be when the door is closed.
  • OBSTRUCTED VIEW. A sliding door has 1 vertical line of framing in the center of it where the active sash meets the meeting rail when the door is closed. When you open the active sash, you can see 2 vertical lines of framing (one on the end of the active sash, and one where the meeting rail stays on the “inactive side”). As we pointed out above, with a doggy door insert, the active door is never truly closed. That means you will always see 2 vertical lines of framing blocking the open view a sliding door is supposed to provide.

Our solution to all of these drawbacks is by providing a sliding door with a doggy door built right into the glass! – Greg Strickland

Our doggy doors come in 4 different sizes to ensure the right size for your pet’s size. Whether you’re a dog lover, or a cat lover, we got just the thing for you – we also offer small “single flap” doors that are perfect for cats to use!

We can also provide a new entry door or French door with a built-in doggie door if you are seeking other solutions to give freedom to your pet.

Please watch our example video from one of our very satisfied canines! (And our very wonderful customer for allowing us to film this short clip)

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