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We always measure twice and cut once because sizing a window or a door is extremely important. Most people think replacement windows should be ordered the same size as the original window, but in truth, the home has done a lot of settling and the openings are no longer square. This is responsible for the majority of windows not operating properly. A shift in the openings will bend the old window frames which would cause a window sash to operate poorly in a frame. The new window we install must be slightly smaller than the opening so we can install it level and square. Installing cheaper standard sized windows as a replacement means that the new window will suffer from the same problems as the old window did.

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Our installers and project managers have all been with us for many years. To our knowledge we are the only company in town to pay window installers by the hour and by the mile. They clock in when they get to the shop in the morning, and they get paid for drive time and mileage to the job site. If something unexpected comes up on the job site, they get paid for every minute it takes to fix it so there is no reason to hide it. They also get paid to drive back to the shop and clock out. This pay method makes our installations cost more than piecework installers but we feel like the homeowner deserves the best job that they can get. The method of payment goes a long way to help determine what kind of quality they will receive.

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It is standard for other window replacement companies to hire subcontractors that are unlicensed to install windows under their license and they pay them based on piecework. That is the industry standard. The installer gets paid a certain amount for each window they install so the faster they install a window, the more they make per hour. The longer it takes to install a window, the less they make per hour. They are not paid for quality; they are simply paid for speed.

If they find something wrong and it needs to be fixed, it slows them down. Therefore, they are more likely to hide the issue. Time is money to piecework installers so a lot of things may be hidden.

Other companies will actually hire installers as an employee but still pay them by the piece. This protects the homeowner against possible workers compensation lawsuits in an instance where an installer is injured on the job site. However, a piecework employee installer is still being paid for speed – not quality.

Window Installation Types

There are many different ways to install a window depending on what kind of wall the replacement window is being installed.

Cinder Block homes with existing aluminum windows:

This type of window install requires removing the glass from the frames, then removing the frames from the wall. We would then install the new window by putting the new frame up against the drywall on the inside and then sealing the exterior and interior with SNAP trim and/or caulking. We also use Quad foam, when available due to supply chain issues, to spray around the window where crevices are large enough to insulate.

The process of separating the aluminum frame from the drywall can cause chunks of drywall to dislodge because of water damage over the years and we patch these areas after the window is installed. The homeowner is responsible for any painting needed.

Before Photo

After Photo

Wood frame housing with stucco over the wood framing where the original window is installed flush with the exterior wall:

We try to do a frame over installation as long as the opening sizes will permit this type of installation. A frame over installation is where the glass is removed but the old frame is left in and the new window is inserted inside the old frame with a stucco flange on the outside that prevents from having any kind of stucco damage during the installation.

This type of window installation requires less stucco patch and paint by the homeowner. We use spray foam on the interior to fill the gap between the new frame and the drywall and then we use SNAP Trim or Peel & Stick Flat Trim on the interior back to the drywall. We also have a Flex Trim that can be used for arch-top windows.

Before Photo

After Photo

New Home Construction Style

On occasion with stucco frame walls, we have to do a full 4” stucco cutout all around the windows and have the custom window replacement installed with a nail fin and flashing as if it were a new home construction project. An example you might be familiar with, is removing a glass block window to install a regular window. The opening for the glass block window was never properly prepared for a regular window installation. That’s why this type of window replacement increases the cost of a job by about $400.00 per window and is the most destructive installation to the wall surface. Additionally, it leaves a large grey stucco border around the window that the homeowner must have painted.

Krasiva Windows and Doors offer a wide variety of options.

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The caulking we prefer to use is made by OSI Quad Max unless supply chain issues prevent it. It has very low VOC’s with little odor. It is a class 50 caulk which means that it will handle expansion and contraction at twice the rate of normal caulking. It is very expensive, but it ensures the best quality seal that can be done. This is one area that other companies try to save money on – but not us. It is very easy to use $3 – $4 for tube caulking because the homeowner is looking at the windows not usually the caulking. It is a place for other contractors to hide savings.

Quad Max Features

  • Proven Wet Surface Application
  • Better Flexibility: 5x Stretch & 50% Joint Movement
  • Consistent Bead in Hot or Cold Temperatures: 0°F to 140°F Application
  • 24 Hour Fast Cure for Quicker Protection
  • Paintable in 1 Hour
  • Strong Adhesion to More Building Materials Without Primer
  • Enhanced UV Resistance
  • 4600+ Color Matches and Counting!

Quad Max Caulk Demonstration

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