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If your entry door or sliding door is ready for retirement, our team at Krasiva Windows and Doors is happy to help by providing uniquely designed replacement doors to your home or business. Our door replacement process combines quality, ingenuity, and efficiency.

Doors surely receive a lot of wear and tear. Exterior doors get pummeled by storms and endure all the shifting temperatures. They swell as they absorb moisture and humidity, freeze in deep winter, then dry out in the arid days of summer. We shove, slam, and sometimes kick them open and closed. Our pets scratch and claw at them. Any glass on them gets battered by strong winds, and sliding doors face obstacles on their tracks.

Customers often ask us these questions:

“How do I know when to replace my door?”

“How long does a door last?”

“Is it the right time to replace my door?”

A Krasiva team member will help you decide on the most suitable replacement door. Then we can install the door at a price that you or your business will be happy with. We guarantee your satisfaction every time.

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What Do You Need in Your New Replacement Door in Chandler & the surrounding cities?

When replacing a door, you should consider several factors. Many sizes, styles, and materials are available. Our professional replacement door specialists can help you weigh your options.


A door that doesn’t fit your home can make or break your home’s overall appearance. At Krasiva Windows and Doors, we will carefully take the measurements of your home before we install your door. We make sure the replacement door will look right at home in its new location so it can function optimally.


Each building, whether residential or commercial, has its own aesthetic. Invariably, its doors are an important part of its style. That’s why we’ll take great care in helping you select a distinctive door or set of doors that will enhance your home or business.

We specialize in the following door styles:

  • Entry doors. Your entry door is the first thing a visitor will see, so this door should make a great impression! You can choose from an entry door with a stationary, vented, or inactive side lite.
  • French doors. French doors add a classic touch to any building.
  • Sliding doors. Also known as Arcadia doors or gliding doors, sliding doors typically consist of two panels and one of them rolls past the other, but for wider openings, they can come in three or four panel wide configurations. We even offer multi-sliding doors, stacking doors and bi-folding patio doors in a variety of styles, including contemporary sliding doors.


While our materials are of the highest quality, certain materials will be better suited for your environment than others. Here are some of the door materials you might consider:

  • Fiberglass. Our fiberglass doors are sturdy and durable. Constructed with LVL or OSB styles, fiberglass takes an incredible amount of force to dent. That is conjunction with our custom hardwood frames or jambs as they are called in our industry make our fiberglass entry doors second to none here in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.
  • Vinyl with an extrude aluminum sub-structure
  • Fibrex composite
  • Aluminum-clad wood

At Krasiva Windows and Doors, we specialize in fiberglass doors, which are available either smooth or textured. Most people prefer our wood-textured fiberglass doors, which boast luxurious wood grains (oak, mahogany, and Douglas fir) that are ready for staining.

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